More... Royal Burst    

Royal Burst

Large Side Sweep

Fabulous statement hat with burst of feathers.

More... Grand Rose    

Grand Rose

Large Side Sweep

Hand sculptured statement hat.

More... Silver Rose    

Silver Rose

Large Brimmed Side Sweep

Wide brimmed hat with silver silk trim and handmade roses.

More... Sailing!    


Large Side Sweep

White disc hat with goose sails.

More... Pink&Pearls    


Large Side Sweep

Pink disc hat with ostrich trim and glass pearls halo.

More... Gold Quill    

Gold Quill

Medium Side Sweep

Charcoal hat with gold quills.

More... Vintage Rose    

Vintage Rose

Medium Side Sweep

Vintage style hat with hand made roses, gold French lace and pearl halo.

More... Colour Pop    

Colour Pop

Cocktail Hat

Cocktail hat with spiky flowers.

More... Camelia    


Cocktail Hat

Beaded cocktail hat with handmade Camelias.

More... Aurora Borealis    

Aurora Borealis

Felt Cocktail Hat

Felt hat inspired by Northern Lights.

More... Pom-pom    


Felt Cocktail Hat

Fun pom-pom cocktail hat.

More... Navy Quills    

Navy Quills

Cocktail Hat

Cocktail hat with two gold quills.

More... Leather Crown    

Leather Crown

Cocktail Hat

Funky leather hat in grey.

More... Rainbow Hat    

Rainbow Hat

Large Brimmed Hat

Large silk hat with grosgrain bow.

More... Sweet Pea    

Sweet Pea

Cocktail Hat

Cocktail hat with flowers.

More... Navy Sweet Pea    

Navy Sweet Pea

Cocktail Hat

Cocktail hat with silk flowers.



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